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The 2016 FALCON 5 K was a huge success!  We had beautiful weather again this year!  Our event continues to grow every year.

Thank you to everyone who made this year's event possible.  We could not do it without your help & support.  We are so blessed to live in this wonderful community!  We will be able to continue our mission with your help.

The 2015 FALCON 5K was a huge success.  The day started with beautiful weather.  Our participation grew this year with 149 finishing the race.  Participants ranged in age from 7 to 85!


We would like to thank all of the volunteers, participants, sponsors, family & friends for your support!  Your contributions will help assistant cancer patients in need, award scholarships to those affected by cancer & support research & awareness of Lung Cancer.  


T-Shirts For Sale $15.00

Please contact us to purchase.

The 1st FALCON 5K was a huge success!  


We want to thank:

~Our sponsors, attendees, and volunteers

~Town of Falcon for hosting this event.

~East Carolina Road Racing for the event timing.  

~Godwin-Falcon Fire Department for keeping the runners safe.

~Cumberland County Sherriff Department for leading & tailing the race.


We had 154 sign up & 125 finish.  We are very blessed by the support we recieved with this event.  


We look forward to doing this again next year!  

Mark your calendar for September 19, 2015.


Want to know how you finished? Find out here!


Thank you to our sponsors!

Please click our Sponsors page!

Please check back often for upcoming events.

We have one in the works!  



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